April 19, 2006

big scary monster

It appears to be New Labours last remaining electoral tactic. Hold up a blurry poster of a big scary monster, a two headed tangle of limbs, hair, sweat, and fat and tell you that if you don't vote Labour this creature will come and eat your children. Then whip it down as the blurred shapes begin to resolve (could it be ... no ... it couldn't actually be Polly and Gordon could it?).

At the last general election it was vote for us or the Tories will get in, even though they knew full well that the electoral calculus made this basically impossible. Now it is vote for Labour or the BNP will get in. They fail to mention that said scarey monster is actually just trying to gobble only 8% of the seats, and is unlikely even to get a fraction of that, and will never win a general election or even get a seat in Westminster. They fail to mention that the best way to show up how bankrupt their politics is is simply to let them fail of their own accord. They also fail to mention that because of the unremitting centralisation of both the Thatcher and Blair reignes it doesn't actually matter anymore who gets in, as "around 80% of the money given to councils by the Government is ‘ring fenced’ for uses that the Government has decreed".

If you are going to vote in the local elections. Please, vote for anybody but the fascists. Be they racist fascists, Islamist fascists, Marxist fascists, or New Labour.


Blogger tomdg said...

The message "vote for labour or the BNP will get in" is probably relevant in several local council seats. I don't know the figures but probably single figures out of thousands or tens of thousands up for grabs. Everywhere else it's stupid and cynical.

It's becoming distressingly hard not to vote fascist these days, though. That rules out BNP, Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Respect / Socialist Worker / CPGB / Soclalist aliance / Socialist Labour Party, green (ecofascist) or Islamofascist parties. Any others I should avoid? Please don't add lib dem to the list, I don't think we have any other options where I live and failing that it would have to be the Legalize Cannabis party or the Monster Raving Loony party.

Given the choice between ten brands of fascism, and given how little power local councils still have, it's no wonder no-one bothers to vote. Not that that's any excuse for neglecting our democratic responsibility.

10:44 am  
Blogger chris said...

Then vote Liberal or Lib Dem

12:44 pm  

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